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Flatlien farm is a small family driven farm situated along the banks of lake Randsfjorden in central southern Norway some 150 kilometres north of Oslo. The farm have a range of products of small scale production such as wood for heating, Aberdeen Angus meat (frozen meat as well as sousages) and christmas trees (Norwegian spruce and mountain spruce). We also produce a limited amount of sausages made from locally hunted moose each year.
In the future the emphasis of the farm might be tourism and events - so stay tuned for further updates.
At the moment this webpage have not been translated into english, but if you want to visit Flatlien during your stay in Norway please do not hesitate to take contact with us, either written or by phone at the following contact information:

Paul Flatlien
Phone: +47 992 50 768
E-mail: paul@flatlien.no
Adress: Vestsidevegen 848, NO-2860 Hov, Norway
VAT Number : 969175142MVA

Welcome to Norway - and welcome to Flatlien!

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